When are peaches in season?

July – September. In NC our season typically runs from July through September.

Do you allow u pick?

We currently do NOT allow u pick in our orchard. We came to this decision based on our orchard only being two acres. Once we expand to 5-10+ acres we will open a portion for u pick.

What's all the hype about with peaches?

Peaches are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants and provide many health benefits. So they not only taste great but are healthy!

Do you ship Peaches?
If your not local to Monroe,NC or the Charlotte, NC area we would love for you to have some of our peaches! We can ship to you as long as you cover shipping costs. We will eventually add eCommerce options to our website but for now just Contact Us if you would like peaches shipped to you.
Do you grow/sell anything other than peaches?

No. Simply due to the fact that we would like to keep our focus on peach trees and provide you with the best peaches possible! However, we will plant sunflowers and wildflowers for use for photography.

Why do peaches have 'Fuzz'?

Peaches have ‘fuzz’ as a form of natural protection against insects, sun burns, and disease.

Do you allow Professional Photographers?

Being our orchard was just planted in February of 2021, our trees are still young. We are not allowing photographers due to the tree’s not being large enough. We hope to allow photographers next spring (2022) as long as the trees are large enough. There will be a small fee as well as limits on the number of photographers we will allow to ensure everyone has enough room.

Are you organic?

¬†While we are not entirely organic we use bio fungicides and insecticides that are OMRI listed as well as natural oils such as neem oil and dormant oils. We are firm believes in soil science and while we are not 100% organic due to having to use traditional fertilizers that aren’t derived from 100% organic sources we are very close to organic.

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