Our Mission

The grow the BEST Peaches Possible

The start of Lakeside Peach Orchard came out of a need for the pink blossoms in the Spring. As we’ve grown to 200+ trees and have learned about the need for fresh local peaches in our community our sights are set on growing the BEST peaches possible.

elberta peach

Shown above is our first peach – An Elberta Peach in July of 2021

The Difference – Utilizing Soil Science and technology

Lakeside Peach Orchard isn’t just any ordinary peach orchard. The goal is to grow the BEST peaches possible. We do this by utilizing soil science and alternative approaches to common issues with peach trees. Below are a few things we do that make a massive difference.

Soil Science: Adding beneficial soil microbes, food sources for those microbes and many other soil goodies is key. A healthy soil that’s full of beneficial life will not only allow our trees to be healthier but also aide in raising the brix index to give sweeter peaches as well as producing higher quality fruit!

Healthy Trees = Higher Fruit Yield & Higher Quality Fruit: Peach trees are known to be challenging. From requiring a specific soil PH range to battling diseases and insects, its no secret that keeping a peach tree a live is a challenge. Let a lone producing high quality fruit. Our philosophy is, if we can achieve a healthy tree we will have a higher fruit yield and produce higher quality fruit. We achieve this by properly pruning, preventative spraying for insects and diseases, nutrient management, soil and foliar leaf testing, and constant monitoring the trees as well as the micro environment that we grow in. 

The Use Of Technology

The use of technology is critical to grow the best crop possible. We have an onsite weather station that monitors everything from basic weather to soil moisture and temperature. This is extremely important. Our weather station predicts not just rain but frost which can ruin a peach crop for the season. We can act to prevent frost damage as well as know precisely how much rain we’ve received and adjust irrigation accordingly. You can view our Orchard Weather page to see exactly what’s going on at our orchard!